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 Author  Topic: Revised Schnellboot In Action monograph


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While retaining the familiar format of the In Action series, the revised Schnellboot monograph is substantially different from, and a marked improvement over, the original multi-author work published in 2003. The revised edition contains 22 more pages and over 40 additional photographs (a few of which are in color). The text is more concise and the substantive errors of the original have been corrected. Four new color profiles have been added.
For me, the most useful and appealing enhancement is the inclusion of many more detailed and beautifully executed drawings. The original work contained only two general arrangement drawings (an S 38 with kalotte and an S 100), the other classes being represented only by a profile drawing. The revised edition includes general arrangement (top and side view) drawings for all of the classes, as well as detailed drawings of the torpedo tubes, G7a torpedo, Drehkranz mount for the bow 20mm, perspectives of the 20mm Flak 38 and 37mm Flak M42, radar and radio antenna mountings on the kalotte, and the RZA 5 torpedo sight.
Its definitely a nice addition to any collection of works on small combatants.
Al Ross

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Bob Butler

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Thanks for the tip Al, I've got a couple I've been wanting to build.

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