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 Author  Topic: George Washington Vanderbilt III

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I heard that he was in the Navy during WW II. Can someone confirm this? He is not to
be confused with Alfred G Vanderbilt II who was with the PT boat service, PT 196.
Victor Chun

Victor K Chun

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Post a Reply To This Topic    Reply With Quotes     Edit Message     View Profile of TED WALTHER   Send Email To TED WALTHER Posted on: Aug 15, 2013 - 10:10am
Dick originally posted this on Feb. 27, 2013:

As stated in the Knights of the Sea Publication from HQ:


Ron 12, 7th Fleet.
Born in New York 9/ 23 / 1914.
Ranks: ensign, USNR, 2/11/41 ;
completed Naval Reserve Officers Training School at Newport, RI , 8/ 6/ 42;
Lt. (jr. grade), 8/31/42;
Lt., 5/ 1/ 43;
Lt. Cdr., 10/ 3/ 45 .
Ships and Stations: Dist. Intelligence Office, II th Naval Dist., San Diego, 6/ 4/ 42 to 2/11 / 43;
Ron 12, 2/12/43 to 9/ 7 / 43;
Staff, Com. 7th Fleet, 9/8/43 to 11/20/ 43 ;
Staff, Com. MTB Rons, 7th Fleet, 11/21/43 to 11 / I / 44;
Dist. Intelligence Office, 12th, 11/ 2/ 44 to 8/27/45.

Lt. Cdr. Vanderbilt was authorized to wear the Combat "V" by the President of the U.S., who presented him the Legion of Merit - " .. . in operations against enemy Japanese forces; . . . 23 special intelligence missions; ... Ied missions into areas not yet reached by Allied forces; . . . obtaining valuable information concerning Japanese craft, material and techniques; . . . pinpointed targets for airplane strikes; .. . directed photographic reconnaissance of enemy installations and coordinated attacks of aircraft and surface forces upon Japanese shore positions; . . . commanded group of PT boats, Yalau landing; . . directed PT Boat 341 through uncharted waters to evacuate a dying man; . . . participated in 10 combat patrols for intelligence purposes, frequently carrying out these vital missions in the face of intensive fire from enemy surface craft and airplanes; ... by his superb professional ability, inspiring leadership and steadfast devotion to duty, he contributed to the success of our forces in the South Pacific area and upheld the highest traditions of the U.S. Naval Service."

According to the Department of the Navy, additional information regarding the various PT boats to which he may have been assigned and detailed information regarding the duties he performed are not of record.

Lt. Cdr. Vanderbilt was discharged from the USNR under honorable conditions on 6/17/59. He died 6/ 24/ 61 , and is buried in a private cemetery at Arcadia Plantation in Georgetown, SC, where his daughter, Lucille Vanderbilt Pate, now resides with her three surviving children, two sons and a daughter. A fourth child, a son, age 17, died as the result of an auto accident. He was very like his grandfather and is buried beside him.

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Thank you Ted.

Victor K Chun

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