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 Author  Topic: Looking for Gerard Richardson art of the US Navy Beach Jumpers
GI Gene

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I am currently writing an Osprey book about US Navy special warfare units of World War II that will include the Beach Jumpers that Hollywood actor Douglas Fairbanks Jr. helped form.

I am trying to locate four specific color prints depicting the actions the US Navy Beach Jumpers from 1943-44 that Gerard Richardson illustrated.

Here are their descriptions:

1. Nighttime scene of several PT Boats dodging shell fire while assaulting Baie de la Ciotat in Southern France in August 1944. There is a searchlight highlighting a destroyer on the upper right corner.

2. Douglas Fairbanks Jr. leading an assault party ashore on the island of Ventotene in September 1943. I saw a photograph of this in color. There is a Nazi flag on the left side of the print.

3. Small naval battle between the HMS Aphis and several small Allied vessels against two German corvettes off Southern France in August 1944. A gun turret firing a shell is in the center of the print.

4. A nighttime scene of two PT Boats deploying French commandos in rubber boats towards the island of Elba in June 1944. Two beams from a searchlight in the mountains are on the upper right hand corner of the print.

Has anyone seen these displayed anywhere? The Fairbanks collection at Boston University only has black and white photocopies of these, and the archivists did not find them either in the Gerard Richardson Papers at Syracuse University or the US Navy Art Collection at the Naval History and Heritage Command.

I want to reproduce these in color in my book. Please email me at if you have any information that will help my search. Thank you.


Eugene Liptak
Tucson, AZ

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