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A friend sent me this, I thought it would be of interest....
In 1962 Uncle Sam II made her appearance on the lake, after a laborious overland travel from the Portsmouth Navy Yard. This vessel was a converted PT Boat (PT-719) for World War II, but never saw action. She is 75 feet long, has a 20 foot beam, draws 6 feet of water, weighs 80 tons, travels at 15 miles per hour, and capable of carrying 150 passengers. On March 23,1963, the vessel, under the dual ownership of Vernon Cotton and Allan Perley, slipped through the waters on her maiden voyage to serve the many islands in Winnipesaukee. Postmaster Ed Lavallee prepared the mail, luggage, etc., right on board ship, thus giving it the distinction of being the only floating post office in America. Since 1942, Mr. Lavallee has held the postal franchise of the lake and was once captain of the original Uncle Sam.
For six years (1963-69) she delivered the mail on Lake Winnipesaukee. After her brief service on the lake, she was slated to return to the Atlantic Ocean. The craft was sold at auction to Frank Damrell of Andover, Massachusetts, and Southport, Maine, for $5,500. Pictured standing by the wheelhouse is owner Allan Perley.
Sources of information:
Follow the Mount, by Bruce D. Heald
The Boats and Ports of Lake Winnipesaukee, by Bruce D. Heald
The Lakes Region of NH, by Bruce D. Heald, Ph.D.


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model of PT 719 as built;

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