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 Author  Topic: Building the Italeri boat

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Now that a number of people here, such as Ed, have actually worked on the Italeri boat, whaddya think? Mine is still sitting pretty in the box, not from patience or maturity, just from working too much lately. Conversions aside. How is the kit to build? Any troublesome, or annoying areas? It looks to me to be one of the nicest kits I've ever seen. As far as I have read anywhere there are no real inaccuracies other than color recommendations. That would pretty much be a first for a kit! Maybe if someone here has any connections, start whispering Higgins. Higgins.


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Hi Kurt.
Overall it is a very good kit of the 596. Al Ross sells a document package that lists the inaccuracies he found so I won't give away any that I didn't find independently. His package is very good and I suggest it. He actually has 2, I think-one for the 596 and one for backdating to 103 series boats.

Here is what I found by looking at photos and doing research.

1. The decals are not right. The shadow lines are wrong. archer sells decal sheets that correct the errors and make a couple of other late series boats.

2. The flag ropes molded into the mast are way too big and should be replaced with smaller line.

3. The engine hatch has a deadlight molded in and it is totally wrong. Should be flat.

4. The 50 cal guns have ammo belt feeders, part number 71E. In real life they do not rotate with the guns but remain horizontal to feed the belts. with the kit they are glues to the cradle and rotate with the guns. As designed, they are only "right" if the guns are displayed horizontally.

5. The colors called out are totally wrong.

Hope this helps,

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