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 Author  Topic: SEABEES and PT BOATS
Frank Andruss


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I am enclosing part of a document from the 20th SeaBee Battalion taking about doing repair on two Squadrons of PT BOATS. I was not aware that they worked on the boats, so I would like to do a bit more digging into this..................

When Chief Richard Wood and five other Seabees of the 20th Battalion were assigned to fifteen weeks special duty aboard a destroyer repair ship, here's what they accomplished:
.....Installed intricate electrical \lllits on World War One destroyers, the first time this equipment had been installed on ships of this class in a foreign port. Handled all maintenance and repairs of two squadrons of PT boats. .... . Assisted in repairing the battle damage on more than thirty destroyers . ..... Converted two four-stack destroyers into mine layers. After their three -and-a half month "vacation", the boys returned to their
regular job.

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