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So how much can you do with the 'search' on the CD ?

Could you search through all the bio's for lets say.....anyone in Ron 15.......or anyone on the 210 ?


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You can search any word or phrase using a pdf program such as Adobe's free program "Adobe Reader" (use to be known as Adobe Acrobat Reader). Once the "Knights of the Sea" file is open, typically type a "Command F" and a search box will pop up, type in your phrase "RON 15" and press Return (Enter), the first occurrence page and blue highlighted word will load on the screen. Press "NEXT" and the next occurrence will pop up and continue until it has displayed all occurrences of the search word/term. In the case of RON 15, over 100 locations where shown, some times a couple or several times within the same paragraph. PT 210 only found one occurrence. Just using 210 will bring about other finds.

The search is not 100%. If the 512 Page book had been completely re-typed (over 850,000 type characters) it would be 99% accurate. As it is, it's probably 90% accurate for searches.

Once you searched for an item you can always use the text tool and copy and paste the information.

Samples below:

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