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 Author  Topic: Great product for cutting P.E.
Gunner Mike

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I found this item at one of my customers. I asked where they got it and they gave me this website. I ordered the second set and received it within a week. I have used it with a #11 X-acto to cut the parts off the P.E. sprue, It is pretty simple and works great.

Is this appropriate to post this? If not go ahead and delete. I have no connection to "The Small Shop" other than being a satisfied customer.

Mike Witous

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David Waples


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I've had one of their small ones for years. They work really well as long as you're using a sharp No. 11 blade. Depending on the PE you're cutting it doesn't take long before you need to change blades. Highly recommended if you're working with delicate PE.

David Waples

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