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 Author  Topic: PT 109 kit instruction alert....
Pat Hutchens

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Hi Guys,

As a modeler who can't wait to do SOMETHING to a new kit when I get it, obviously I had to rip into this one. Just a couple of notes I've noticed so far, but nothing too bad.
First, there are two small etched parts, numbered 17, that go on top of each torpedo tube. They are shown drawn in the instructions one way, but are on the fret in the opposite direction. I'm assuming the little "claw" on the one side still sweeps to the rear when placed on the tube.
Second, the torpedo mount parts 16 and 17, are reversed. The parts are slightly notched to fit over the deck trim, and if you look closely on a dry fit, they are off as shown, but just reverse them, 16 to the rear and 17 forward and they fit like a glove.
What a kit. Decided to order a second one yesterday. Now all we need are appropriate figures to help round it out for diorama purposes!



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