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 Author  Topic: Were any ELCO 80' PT's shipped back from Pacific, 1945


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Where there any??? I was checking out and noticed it states the Bogan family bought PT 547 RON 28 (along with PT 305), this is a typo. The Bogan Family actually owned PT 457 RON 30(which makes more sense as PT 457, PT 459, and the rest of RON 30 did come back to Brooklyn in 1945. Her real identity is stated on Mel's Place website:Party Fishing Boats page 10) she was placed out of service 21 October 1945 and Sold in May 1946. The Bogan family bought her in 1953, and named her PENNSY. he photos on Navsource clearly show a Higgins hull, not ELCO. .
My question is; Did they really ship back some newer 80' ELCO's from the Pacific (I know about the burning at Samar)or did they just sell the good condition ones in the Phillipines? Chip has told me of some "Black bag" boats, going to China and "other" interests.

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