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 Author  Topic: PT-109 Deck Log


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Matt . . .

Welcome aboard, your research will be appreciated. Thanks for participating.

Dick . . .

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Tracy White

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let me clear up a few misconceptions, albeit it appears that this discussion has moved on from some of it.

The National Archives is actually several branches; the main two are in downtown Washington DC and College Park, Maryland, but they have regional branches spread throughout the country; I happen to live near the Seattle branch and have been researching there regularly since 2004, with five to six trips to the San Francisco branch, three to College Park, and one to DC>. Echoing Matt's earlier comment, yes, I have spent a lot of money!

The regionals are where local commands turn over their records - things like shipyards or Navy bases. College park is the main repository for WWII, and that is where records from the Bureau of Ships and the major forward operating forces (CINCPAC, COMSouPac, etc.) are kept. Deck logs would fall under the Navy command, which is why they at the DC archives. Most of the logs are open to the public - all of the WWII ones will be unless there is some type of work going on with them. I was at NARA II (common name for College Park, with DC being NARA I) in October and had hoped to go through the CINCLANT (Commander in Chief, Atlantic Fleet) files, but they were unavailable.... out for maintenance and preservation. That might explain an earlier poster's problem and false information that they weren't available to the public - it could have just been temporary.

I took a quick gander through the Bureau of Ships finding aids this time as well. The finding aids are just a list of folders with the subject codes based on the WWII-era filing manual. I pulled the box that had the camouflage stuff (nothing on PT-109), but that was all I had time for. I would estimate that there were 50-75 boxes on PTs.. I meant to try and copy the PT section of the finding aids but never had the time to go back.

So if one REALLY wanted to research the PTs there, they'd have to hit the (separate) records for all of the various commands that had control of PT boats. Not all of the records made it back, or were kept at any one command, so one has to gather from a variety of sources to try and build up a good overall picture from the official records. There is some GREAT stuff that's most likely never been seen before, but it does take time and perseverance if you're after a specific topic or question.

Ain't no google search at the archives!

Tracy White

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