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 Author  Topic: Navigation Lights/stowed lines on 103 class elcos
David Henning

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Two questions:
1. I have found the string of posts regarding the mast light, the stern light and the port and starboard charthouse lights, but need a little clarificaiton:
(a) stern light and masthead light were clear (white)? What color was the bow light on the bullnose?
(b) Also, was the light on top of the bullnose removed on most boats? I have seen photos of some boats with it, and other boats with out it.

2. Stowed lines: I have seen many models with coils or loops of lines on the foredeck and others with out any lines. What was standard practice on most boats? Were they stored below to keep the decks clear for action? Did it depend on where they were operating? I am building the 109 on the night of its loss and most models I have seen appear to leave them off.

Completeing my conversion of the Lindberg 1/64 into a more accurate version of an actual 103 class boat. I actually like the larger scale, but no accessories or armor pieces are available for that scale. Started out as just a motorized build for the backyard pool, but then AMS kicked in and I had to start adding missing features and detailing what was there. Actually even added deadlights made from N scale caboose ladders! Hope to be able to post some pics when I finish.

Again, thanks for the terrific forum and source of info. I think that I have searched the archives almost every night during the build!

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