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 Author  Topic: Lindberg PT boat models and aprroach of boating weather


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Spring is not too far away now which means that radio control season on the local pond will be upon me soon.

I have two Lindberg 1/32 scale PT boats on the go righ now. One is being built from the kit whilst the other was geting overhauled after years of use.

I've been on the site here off and on over the past year but couldn't post because my login details were on my PC which had gone on a mysterious strike. I was finally able to retrieve my data when the mysterious ailment that caused my PC to strike disappeared. Whilst lurking I was able to gather a number of images and hints that will allow me to complete these two boat models to my satisfacttion. They won't be a minature version of any particular boat at a particular time in its service but will be built with items or arrangements of items that I find interesting.

I really lked the looks of the boat with two forward torpedo tubes and eight ammo lockers aft of them. Lindberg was kind eonugh to give me some extra 20mm magazines and 20 mm guns. At one point I was going to build a simple version of the Thunderbolt gun system (might still do that) and have some of the magazines in an open ammo locker. That is the boat that is being rebuilt. There are some images of it as it appeared about a year ago when work ceased due to family and health problems.

The other boat will have all four tubes mounted but only two of them are going to have torpedos in them. This boat may end up being pretty much of a Plain Jane model. I have figure out a way to mack the four aft deck vents pivotable though as I found that interesting when I discovered that those vents could be turned as the need arose.

Both the Lindberg kit and the movie PT-109 may have a lot of faults but both are responsible for kindling and for keeping alive for many the interest in PT boats and their exploits. Even the country singer Jimmy Dean was impressed with the exploits of PT-109 a sdepicted in the movie of the same name which is why he composed the song "PT-109".

Happy modelling to all of you who build these minature examples of the Wooden boats on which the Iron Men sailed.

Cheers from Peter

"Give me a faster PT boat for I'd like to get out of harm's way!"

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