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Frank J Andruss Sr


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Over the years I have managed to collect well over 175 original ads pertaining to PT BOATS. I think they are pretty neat, although today i looked through them for the first time in a long while. I love the way things were worded in those days while we were at War. For example:


I'll give you the lowdown. See that trim craft anchored over there? Innocent-looking, isn't she? But, Bud, don't let her fool you. She's an Elco PT... which means 80 feet of fighting fury. I know! I've been at her helm when she's sunk a big lug of a Japanazi cruiser... machine gunned a flock of 5 mile a minute dive bombers! And maneuver? You should glimpse an Elco PT making a 90 degree turn... taking 20 foot waves in her stride...cruising silently through the night with muffled exhausts...turning her mighty horsepower into high with five seconds warning. She's a true blue sea Guerilla.....and the fastest combat ship on the Sea. A salute, Bud, to Elco and our Navy for giving us the PT. Every man aboard loves her...and welcomes every chance to let the enemy taste the punishment she dishes out.


You've already hollered "Ouch!" when the Elco PT's hit you, Mr,.Jap Admiral. But you've had only a tiny taste of what we've got in store for you and your cowardly Navy. More and more Elco PT's are sliding off the ways, and headin' your direction in a hurry. Of course you know now that these diminutive, indomitable, water-wasps have sting and speed and getaway power... that they attack noiselessly...that they can sink your biggest cruisers and rake your fastest dive bombers with deadly lead...that they are manned by fightin men who don't know the word "fear" and who can squeeze the last ounce of viciousness out of their beloved PT's. Elco has still bigger surprises for you. No, not even the wiliest of your spies know what they are. And we're not going to warn you--until you feel them right in your teeth. "Watch out, Tojo Our PT's are coming right at ya!

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