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 Author  Topic: Nov 29/30, 1943 Collision and Engagement with E boats


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From Action Report No. 20 Ron 15

A Division lead by Lt. Edwin Dubose, in PT 211 ( Lt. jg Page Tulloch ) with PT 204
( Lt.jg Eugene Clifford ) sailed from Bastia, Corsica to patrol off Genoa, Italy. When winds increased to 30-35 knots, radars inoperable, seas heavy and it impossible to keep any formation in the complete darkness, the boats turned back to Bastia harbor.

More than three miles out from the harbor entrance, the 204 sighted four 'E' boats on the starboard beam, steaming in an opposite direction about 75 yards away. Suddenly a fifth boat is seen off the starboard bow, crossing to port. The 204 turns hard left, but they collide by the bow. Gun fire is exchanged at around 10 yards, the 204 opening first with the starboard twin .50 firing " about 150 rounds point blank at the 'E' boat personnel in the vicinity of the bridge structure". Brief fire was returned by the Germans. Contact is lost in fifteen seconds.

Approx 100 bullets passed through the starboard side of the 204 in to engine room. The center engine continued to run even though "the water line was severed, valve housing punctured, valve spring broken and starting solenoid destroyed".

No personnel were wounded in the slightest. Quite amazing.

Here is a photo, slightly different than one you may have seen previously, of the damaged 204.


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