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 Author  Topic: LT CARLTON L. "Byrd Dog" BYRD RON 5 2 6 DIV17 8 12 4 38


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After reading Bob's post. I started looking for my photos of PT 308, and I came across a spreadsheet list of PT Boaters within a 100 mile radius of my house, that Alyce Mary sent me, it was dated June 15, 1988. On this it clearly states Carlton was in RON 8, 12, and 38 and he commanded PT 569......So there goes my theory about him being in RON 39, but originally I did narrow it down to RON 38 or RON 39. So I was right anyway!
RON 38 was under the command of LCDR Charles A. Mills, Jr., USNR and was assigned to the Southwest Pacific, arrived at Samar, Philippines, in May, June, and July, 1945. The squadron based there and at Basilan Island, Philippines, but had no action except for strafing of shore installations in Borneo early in August 1945.

With the help of Allan and Charlie, I know Carlton graduated from Melville on July 30, 1942 and was the original Exec on PT 114, then became Skipper of 114, which was in RON 5 2 6 DIV17 8.
I have yet to know what function he performed in RON 12, but I know he joined RON 12 while he was already in New Guinea, probably as a replacement Skipper.
Then he came back to Melville as an instructor on Feb 15, 1944. With his 30 days leave, he then did 8 months as a instructor and was out the door again with RON 38.

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