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 Author  Topic: Central American Mahogany
isham martin

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I am a writer in Woodstock, Ct. I have recently completed a novel about a young woodcarver who comes into possession of a fantastic six foot wide mahogany board saved in a shed on the Ct. shore since World War 2. There was a small boatyard in Saybrook, Ct that built PT boats and I believe the wood was obtained there.

In the interest of historical accuracy, I need to know if mahogany, say, from Honduras, in 1941 would have come here in logs, or would have been sawed in country. I am assuming that logs that large would have been sawed with some kind of a bandsaw, not a rotary saw? Any help from your readers is greatly appreciated.

I do not have a publisher for the book, but it is terrific. Folks can contact me re: developments with the book. isham

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Drew Cook


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In the color wartime documentary "Giant Killers," about the construction of the Elco PT boats at their Bayonne, New Jersey factory, a long list of wood types used in PTs is mentioned in the narration.

Leading the list is "Mahogany from Africa and Honduras."

The rest of the types mentioned were "...White Oak from Jersey, Brazilian Balsa, Maple, Fir, Burmese Teak, West Coast Cedar, Wisconsin Birch, Alaska and Canadian Spruce, Ash, Poplar, heavy Greenheart from Guyana," and of course the ubiquitous plywood.

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The Giant Killer video can be viewed on Youtube it is in 3 parts, here is a link for part 1 of 3

Dick . . .

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