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 Author  Topic: Coastal Forces Discussion Group invitation


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Dick said I could put up this invitation, but with the following threat: ...just make them swear theyll come here first as a membership qualification... Since you guys are already here...

I set up this group about six years ago and have been moderating it ever since. We have about 100 members from all over the globe, so the topics have been varied and interesting.

The purpose of this group is to provide a venue in which individuals with a scholarly interest in small combatants can share information and expand the knowledge base on these craft. This is a moderated, academically-oriented group, so participants are expected to display solid research methodology, provide citations, and make (and take) challenges to comments in a collegial manner. Commercially-oriented input is severly restricted to ensure the free exchange of information.

Discussions on the technical and operational aspects of any type and nationality of small combatant are welcome. As a general rule, discussions are limited to vessels commonly associated with the term coastal forces. Broadly defined, this group ranges from the spar torpedo boats of the 1860s through the current generation of patrol craft such as the CYCLONE class PC, the SAAR Vs, etc.

If you'd like to check out the group, visit us at:

Al Ross

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