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 Author  Topic: This Board's email list is not compromised,


Post a Reply To This Topic    Reply With Quotes     Edit Message     View Profile of Dick   Send Email To Dick Posted on: Mar 31, 2011 - 11:31am
NO . . . NO . . . . NO ! ! ! ! ! ! !

No one has mined the email list from this message board! This mentality is similar to running into a theater and yelling " FIRE " . . . . . .

There has never been a member of this message board by the name
" MichaelDrac1 " nor has there been an email address with the inclusion of the name as indicated or major portion there of.

Nor has there been memberships given to most of the people on the emails sent out under PT-King's email address.

Hundreds of thousands of individual's email contact list are mined every day, day in and day out. It doesn't mean these lists have come from this board, just because some of the members appear on it. In fact any of these PT-King, Garth, Victor, Al, Webmaster, email's contact list could have been stolen, based on this morning email. If this Board's list were compromised emails would have been sent to 5,255 members not just a few select members. In addition, for trouble shooting just this type of spamming, I have the email list peppered with 9 other email addresses that come directly to me and are unique to this message board only. As of this morning I received one email supposedly by PT-King to only one of the email addresses, and over the last two weeks have received two other emails form this address - and clearly not from Gene. In addition since last summer, I have received several advertising emails NOT APPARENTLY from Victor, and Garth, but sent under their "From" email address. As a matter of fact I simply ignored them, they were clearly not sent from these individuals. I also on a not-so-regular basis receive emails similar to these but from other individuals that I have no knowledge of but for what ever reason have my email address.

Other then the names listed above, I have no knowledge who they are, they could be on one of the above mentioned names email "contact list", they include but not limited to (please note only part of the email address is show):


Does anyone recognize the above names? Email me if so. None of these are on my contact list nor on the Board's list.

This Board's email list - as of current - is not compromised,

Dick . . .

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Will Day


Post a Reply To This Topic    Reply With Quotes     Edit Message     View Profile of Will Day   Send Email To Will Day Posted on: Apr 1, 2011 - 12:47pm
Thanks for watching, Dick.


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