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I had clipped these obits or they were passed along to me and I ended up losing them in a pile of papers. In a recent shuffle I found them and even though they are old, they are still worthy of posting here not only because of their service but to put snippets of them "on the net" for any future searches here. God bless them and their families...

ROBERT S. WIDMER, 86 (printed 08/24/10)

Robert S. Widmer, who rose from a newspaper carrier at the Pocono Record to become its general manager in the 1980's, has died. He was 86.

A Navy veteran, he served about patrol torpedo boats in the Atlantic and Pacific and was on PT 512 which carried Dwight D. Eisenhower across the English Channel to Normandy Beach after the D-Day landings in June 1944.

LEONARD GRANVILLE DORAN, 88 (printed April 2010)

Leonard Granville Doran, 88, of Carlisle (PA) passed away peacefully after a short illness on April 5, 2010.

Leonard graduated from Harvard University in 1942...during World War II he served as a lieutenant commander in the U.S. Navy with PT Boat squadron 23 in the Pacific.


CECIL B. "BUD" CUTHBERT, 90 (printed September 16, 2009)

Cecil B. Cuthbert, 90, a longtime resident of Clifton Heights (PA), a World War II veteran and career Naval officer, died September 14 at Kennedy Hospital Hospice in Stratford, NJ.

Mr. Cuthbert served in the Navy for 23 years. He first served on the battleship USS Mississippi, then on the USS Hornet during World War II. Mr. Cuthbert was aboard the USS Hornet as it launched James Doolittle's top-secret raid on Tokyo in 1942, and remained on board as the ship fought its way through the Battle of Midway and the Solomon Islands campaign.

When the USS Hornet was sunk during the battle of Santa Cruz Islands, Mr. Cuthbert spent hours in the Pacific Ocean until he was rescued by a Navy support ship.

He was later transferred to the PT Boat squadron operating off of the coast of the Solomon Island of Tulagi, where he participated in the Battle of Guadalcanal.

I actually met one of Mr. Cuthbert's sons at the PT Boat reunion. He chatted my father and I up after noticing we were all from suburban Philadelphia. After describing his dad's travels through the Pacific I remember this obit from nine months before. How could you forget someone who watched Dootlittle's Raiders, had the Hornet sunk from underneath him and he ended up in PT Boats just in time for Guadalcanal? It's a lot to live through...

Grandson of James J Stanton
RON 15 PT 209 and RON 23 PT 243
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Fair Winds and Following Seas....


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God Bless them all. Thanks for the posting Jim.........

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Mr. Widmer has a bio in 'Knights of the Sea'.


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