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 Author  Topic: Military Funerals for Veterans
Peter Krogh

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Post a Reply To This Topic    Reply With Quotes     Edit Message     View Profile of Peter Krogh   Send Email To Peter Krogh Posted on: Jul 14, 2010 - 9:06pm
I hate to complain but I'm going to anyway 'cause I think you guys and gals might understand.

When Dad died about 13 years ago my brothers and I tried like crazy to get some sort of military representation for a proper military funeral.

We couldn't.

All we got were excuses. One after the other. No one could send anyone for any part of a military funeral.

We tried every thing we knew and every recommendation and lead that we were given. Nothing. No one.

We sang taps for him and saluted him as he was lowered into his grave.

Every time I read about one of our PT guys, like Robert Bende, being accorded the proper formalities, I remember the way my Dad was refused those simple formalities that he well deserved.

It just grits in my craw, thats all.


2nd generation PT'er
Son of Arthur C. Krogh,
CMoMM, Plankowner Ron 9, 156 Boat

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Frank J Andruss Sr


Post a Reply To This Topic    Reply With Quotes     Edit Message     View Profile of Frank J Andruss Sr   Send Email To Frank J Andruss Sr Posted on: Jul 15, 2010 - 1:25am

I must admit, I never heard of any Veteran being refused Military Honors when being buried. Roughly 5 miles away from where I live is the Massachusetts Memorial Veterans Cemetery. Any and all Veterans can have full Military honors if you are buried there. I have personally attended no less than 5 such burials (3 were PT Boaters) and it is the most Beautiful experience. The deceased is placed in the Chapel with color guard on both sides of the Casket (Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force depending on which branch you served) at attention.

A brief but wonderful service is performed. During the Service no less then 6 fully dressed Color Guard are just outside the Window at attention under the Flag. At a certain point, they perform a 6 gun salute. The Color Guard at the Casket, then begins to fold the Flag and it is presented to the Wife or family of their loved one. Many of the Color Guard are from the local American Legion, which I am surprised no one could help you. Someone sure dropped the ball in your Community Pete, and I am very sad that your Dad was not afforded full Military honors. May he rest in Peace............

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I know there is a real shortage of help giving military honors at non-national cemetaries.

My grandfather died in 2005; he was buried in the family plot in a Catholic cemetary. A retired Marine NCO and a retired Navy Captain came from the local Legion to handle the flag and play taps on a CD player. The captain appeared older than my grandfather! He wore his dress uniform; It was very much appreciated.

In chatting with them, they talked about how many funerals there were each day involving WWII vets - too many to keep up with. We knew the Navy or the government was a waste of time in getting help - we were just lucky the Legion had an active honor guard willing to pitch in.

Grandson of James J Stanton
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Post a Reply To This Topic    Reply With Quotes     Edit Message     View Profile of TED WALTHER   Send Email To TED WALTHER Posted on: Jul 15, 2010 - 7:22am
Where do you live??? I have to repeat what Frank says, I have never heard of this either. I have personnally performed as a casket bearer before at a Navy funeral. If you have a military cermetary near you, they have all the points of contact you would need. I most areas Naval Reserve Centers(now called NOSC's) supply color guard and honor guard personnel for the service, as they get extra pention points and the also get paid as an extra drill if it is during the week or not on thier normal drill weekend. In other areas VFW and American Legion also perform these honors.
I have just asked a Chief here with me, who has performed numerous ceromonies on Long island and other locations, as both a Naval Reservist and active duty, since your Dad went on his last patrol 13 years ago, he says if you put a current request through your local VFW post now(contact Post President) and have a " Remembrance ceromony for Chief Krogh, PT 156 RON 9" , for instance on his anniversary date , conducted at the current grave site with military honors being rendered by the VFW post members, (VFW might also have good contacts with the nearest Naval Reserve Center.(NOSC), So ask! Explain to VFW Post President the past situation 13 years ago and maybe he can make a few calls and the NOSC personnel can do it, anyway, if you give them enough lead time). Never take excuses or No for an answer! Let me know what happens.
Hope this helps.
Take care,

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i had a friend who was in navy and a nsavy seal with honoprs for his service in viet nam.trhe family had problems setting up a burial in local veterans cemetary.there were problems due to timing of burial,etc due to so many being done at the same time,.the family elected to have him buried in public cemetary but there were still problems with honot guard,etc.i intercepted and handled it in another way. i contacted the adjuitant of the state national guard.he acted immediatel;y.he set up a military funeral with guards of honor,flag presentation and taps with gun salute.all this was done in a pouring rain.and the two honor guiardsa,male and female stood at attention in that rain storm.never blinking an eye.they got soaked.the female presented the flag to the widow and iut was a very emotional scene.the adjutant also mentioned that sometimes a ceremony is delayed for some reason or another so he said a mmemorial ceremony could be done at a later date.try to contact your l;ocal nat,l adjutant to see if they could have a memorial eremony to honor him. earl

earl richmond

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