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 Author  Topic: Accessing messages from old board
Jonnie 2ndGen Ron11 PT175

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I greatly missed the OLD board because I thought it would always be thereso many good references to sites and info and contacts. But you CAN still access some of it for that info. I wanted the reference to a sound effects site that had vintage recordings you could preview/listen to (free) of PT Boats underway (PT sharp turn at fast speed, idling to full speed, PT boat pass by, docking maneuvers etc.) The recordings were awesome to hear. I didnt save it. Now I have it back, if interested the URL is:
Just use the quick search, and put in PT Boat.

I accessed the old message board by using the internet archive site:
You specify any old web address and a date (nothing newer than 2005) I used Nov 11 2005 and the old message board bookmark:
as the find request.

Got the old board Feb 2004 thru Dec 2005 with over 2500 messages-- most every reference I had wanted to find was there. If theres something or someone you want to find again, go back and get it!

Wishing all a Christmas full of love; and urge all 2nd, 3rd Generations, CrewKin to honor or memorialize your PT Boat loved one with a GIFTcontribution to the PT Boats Museum and Library Foundation. We splinters MUST keep our fathers, grandfathers', uncles histories alive through our support of HQs mission.

I'm my father's daughter, honoring all WWII Veterans.
Love you Dad!

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