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 Author  Topic: PT 150 Name?

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Post a Reply To This Topic    Reply With Quotes     Edit Message     View Profile of PRJM3   Send Email To PRJM3 Posted on: May 21, 2010 - 10:27am
In the May/June issue of "World War II" magazine (on newstands now, picture of Ike on the cover) there is a short pictoral article on "The Mosquito Fleet". It includes some nice photos, most of them new to me.

One picture shows PT 150 nested with several other boats with lots of deck activity, looks like resupplying ammo, etc. On the deck of the 150 next to the 40 mm is a very small rowboat.

On the stern of the rowbaot is the number 150 and the name "Douchbag". The name doesn't stand out, it's blended in with some paint fade. I wonder if the editors noticed it?

There are three names for the 150 on Will's list, but D-bag isn't one of them. Maybe just the name of the rowboat?

I notice that on Will's list the 361 has one name listed. My dad told me that the boat never had a name during his time on board and there's no evidence of a name painted on it in any of his pictures. He came on board as the first crew was rotating off and left as the third crew was rotating on, just before the war ended. I'm not disputing the name on Will's list, just wondering if some of the names were more informal (i.e., not painted on and/or used by the whole crew) than others. Now the monkey on the 361 had several names!

Randy McConnell (Randall J. McConnell III)

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From what I can tell, the naming of the boats was a very informal affair in some instances....In other cases there were definitely schemes involved.


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