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 Author  Topic: My 1st 1/32 scale Lindberg PT Boat Rebuilding


Post a Reply To This Topic    Reply With Quotes     Edit Message     View Profile of PeterTareBuilder  Posted on: May 15, 2010 - 3:08am
Hi there.

The following are images of my 1st 1/32 scale Lindberg PT boat that I am rebuilding after over twenty years. It has seen a lot of use and has suffered a fair bit of battle-damage and it definitely needed an overhaul. Thanks to many here I have gleaned more information and can now make many more improvements on this model and then return her to the water for more years of radio-controlled fun.

This model is not intended to represent any one particular boat. I have built her as I like and shall finish painting her in an unusual colour scheme that I don't think would have been seen in a combat zone but it should look striking and will be a good 'What if paint job. The green and the red that the model has been painted in thus far shall remain as part of that paint scheme.

Without further ado I present you with 26 images of this continuing work in progress. Comments are very welcome.

Cheers from Petertarebuilder

These two images are bow-on views showing the relocated deck hatches, the added anchor locker hatch, the base for the mortar and the forward torpedo-training gear.

Here you can clearly see the splash rails i added to the model's hull.

I think this is a very nice view that shows the boat's lines off to good advantage. Visible aft of the torpedo tubs are the four depth-charge racks and two 20mm ammo lockers.

The starboard side in profile. It shows the scratch-built torpedo tube bases and the thin reinforcing rods I used.

Aft starboard view. The mufflers are being rebuilt out of styrene as I found that the brass pieces I used originally got knocked off too easily when launching or retrieving the model at the pond.

Stern view. This view shows where I plan to locate the ten 20mm ammo lockers. The ammo lockers are all scratch-built and have removable lids. Thanks to advice given here I am going to have fine chains holding two of the ammo locker lids open and will have spare 20mm magazines visible in them.

Aft port side showing the bridge rear splinter shield and the heightened antenna support.

Port side profile view.

Fwd port quarter view that shows the boat's elegant lines to advantage.

Stern overhead view showing the locations of the ammo lockers and depth-charge racks. The ammo lockers are not glued in place yet.

Basically the same view but with the two starboard ammo locker lids off.

Overhead view of the bridge area. I had a lot of fun building this part of the model. The grating is a fine-mesh rug-hooking plastic canvas. I lightly sanded the top of it so that the mesh would be flat instead of rounded.

An overhead closeup view of the bridge area showing the scratch-built control area, splinter shields and wooden benches plus the access to the interior of the boat. there are still more parts to be added to this area.

An overhead view of the foredeck showing the repositioned hatches, the bullmoose and the hatch for the anchor locker.

A closeup of the foredeck anchor locker hatch.

An overhead view showing the two main foredeck hatches open. Inside the aft hatch is the on/off switch for the radio receiver. Also visible are the three eyebolts for securing the bow-mounted 40mm Bofors gun.

A closeup of the aft foredeck hatch opened and showing the radio receiver switch.

The semi-scratch-built 40mm Bofors gun started life as dual gun on the ancient 1/32 scale Revell 40mm M-42 Duster. That kit also donated its roadwheels for the ends of the eight depth-charges.

A front overhead view of the 40mm Bofors gun. The starboard seat and hand crank need to be glued back on.The empty cartridge casing chute needs to be reattached to the rear of the gun.

Rear view of the 40mm Bofors gun. The empty cartridge casing chute needs to be reattached to the rear of the gun.

The 40mm Bofors gun with the parts that need to be attached to it again.

Four views of the scratch-built twin .50 caliber gun mounts. The receivers are from Italeri and the barrels are pieces of styrene rod glued into holes I drilled at the front of the receivers for strength.

There is still a fair bit of work to be done on these.

A view of the reworked balsa raft. The mesh on the bottom is from a fabric store. it is the same weave as I often use for camouflage nets.

There you have the rebuild as it has progressed thus far. Now that the warmer weather is returning I will be working on this model some more. More images will follow as the rebuild continues.

As always, comments are very welcome.

Cheers again from Peter

"Give me a faster PT boat for I'd like to get out of harm's way!"

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Will Day


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Frank J Andruss Sr


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Your doing a pretty good job in trying to make this Lindberg Kit look like a real Elco. If you do not mind me saying so, in your Bridge area photo, your controls are in the wrong spot. Throttle linkage was to the left of the control panel, and switches to the right. Correct me if I am wrong, because it looks like you are trying to simulate PT-103, which had a different set up. I have a close up shot of the Helm for that boat if you want. Keep up the good work, she should look nice when you have her completed...............

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