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 Author  Topic: PT 48 Hull
Bill Manley

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I was wondering on the hull that they got is actually the PT 48 hull and how did they identify it? The Hulls that I have looked at had their numbers burned into the main beam for identification for wood and on metal hulss its stamp or welded on.

Bill Manley

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Don't worry, somewhere in there is the Elco hull number 3334. This was usually placed/burned between frame 20 and 25on 77' Elco's., this is what I have been told. I originally, tried to have the boat donated/taken over by the Navy Museum in Washington DC, between 1996-1999. Kim Nielsen, who was then and still is currently a curator at the Navy Museum, had a structural inspection team comprised of experts from the USS Constitution restoration team inspect PT 48 prior to her shipment to Fla in 1999. At that time they deemed her hull structure sound and 80% original. Most of the planking has been replaced, as of 1946 thanks to MTBTRU her planking was totally new again. However, of this 1946 planking, 40 % of the planking was of 1941-1943 vintage. I know areas of the planking was replaced over the years, especially frame 25 forward, both port and starboard, but not her frames and keel.
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