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 Author  Topic: PT-157: July 1943 configuration


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This is for whoever may be focused on the configuration details of the PT 157's physical appearance as of July 1943. It seems most things listed as fact has something else pop-up and challenge it. So comments or contrary/confirming facts welcomed as we all strive for accuracy. Conversations continue with crew members so more may be forthcoming.

These details have been provided this past month by Captain Liebenow and Welford West (torpedo man) who were both on the 157 crew and are in photos #1 & #2 below (these are well know photos and posted just as reference). In photo #1 Liebenow is seen standing in white tee shirt and with binoculars around his neck, West is to Liebenow's left, standing on deck, shirtless with his elbow against the base of the antennae mast. It was confirmed by Liebenow and West that BOTH photos were taken in July 1943 and appears on the same day. Both photos appear to have been taken by Sgt Sarno USMC (one of them was, that we much we know) and he was taking this PR photos because the 157 had just sunk a Japanese destroyer.

If the source for these details below was from Liebenow I used the letter [L], if it is West the letter [W] and from photos a [P]. I also refer to a very informative color video of RON-9 that is on the internet and recently noted in posts the past 2 weeks.

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