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 Author  Topic: PT223 Makes Torpedo run on KALAKALA, PUGET SOUND FERRY

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PT223 and other PT's doing maneuvers in Puget Sound used the KALAKALA, a streamlined Black Ball Line ferry, for practice torpedo runs . RON16 was stationed at Bremerton Navy Yard, before proceeding up through the Inland Passage stopping at many places for fuel, to catch salmon, hit the bars, etc, eventually being stationed at Attu and Kiska during the fall and winter of 1943-1944. when RON 16 returned to Bremerton for more refitting. The PT223 had two torpedoes remove and more guns added. I have a picture showing PT223 with a 40MM on the rear and a 40MM on the front. I don't know if the second 40MM was added at Bremerton or Alemeda Ship Yard, where RON16 spent more time before being loaded on a 6 knot freighter and being sent to the South Pacific. Could this second 40MM have been added in the South Pacific?
Russ Whipple

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