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I am trying to locate the next of kin of Charles A. Harris and James Reed. I am a research assistant for author, Paul DeAngelis, who is currently writing a book which will be comprised of letters written to Jackie Kennedy after JFK's assassination. Both Charles A. Harris and James Reed wrote letters that we would like to include in the book, but we need permission from whoever inherited their intellectual property (or literary) rights. If you know how to get in contact with either of the families of these men, or have a suggestion as to how to locate them, your help would be very much appreciated.


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  Jerry Gilmartin


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Hi Rachel,
I found this online posting on Boston PBS station WGBH of a Forum discussion panel about JFK on PT109. In it the PT Boat veterans Bill Battle, Red Faye, Dick Keresay and Marice Kowal are interviewed about their recollections of their time spent with JFK. You should watch it and it may help you. They say that Maurice Kowal is from Boston but has now moved to South Dennis Mass. Perhaps you could talk to him via Frank Andruss, who knows him personally in order to get in touch with the estate of Charles "Bucky" Harris. I am unsure of if he can help but it may be worth a shot. Jerry
Here is the link to the video

Jerry Gilmartin

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