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Frank J Andruss Sr


Post a Reply To This Topic    Reply With Quotes     Edit Message     View Profile of Frank J Andruss Sr   Send Email To Frank J Andruss Sr Posted on: Jun 29, 2009 - 6:28am
I am happy to sat that Nimble Books has agreed to publish my second book. After much thought I decided to go with the PT BOATS at THE FRONT. I want to make this a bit different then seeing the boats just running in the water. My thought process here is to show the boats in the front lines. I want to show the boats in their nests, being worked on, being refilled, weapons being cleaned, or men gathering around to eat meals, play cards, sing songs, or motor macs working on engines. I want to also inlcude in this book the Bases and Tenders, and the FEMU Barges as well.

I know I had contacted some of you about photo's, so if you think you have anything of interest, please send it to me at no less then 300 DPI. Descriptions are very important, espically any names of crew members, boat names, Squadrons, areas of operations. I was thinking of showing the boats in the Pacific, Med, and the English Channel area, not to mention the Antartic. So, I will be looking for these type photo's that I think will enhance the book. I have many from my own collection, so I am sure I will be limited as to how many I can use. I would really like any photos from Bases and Tenders. There seems to be little in the way of Tender activity, so if I can get my hands on them it would be great. Thanks in advance for your help. You can e-Mail me the photos in an attachment, or put them on a CD. Just give me a shout.........

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