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 Author  Topic: Seeking info on Lt. (j.g.) Robert Q. Fitzgibbon

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Hi - My name is Rob Fitzgibbon and I am the nephew of a PT boat crewman named Robert Q. Fitzgibbon.

I am trying to compile a narrative of my uncle's wartime service with MBT Squadron 11 on boats PT183 and possibly PT-185. I have a collection of his letters and photos which I will transcribe and add to additional posts.

My first question for the forum is this - I have a photograph of my uncle at the helm of PT-183 with the listing of the crew members on the back. He served in some sort of capacity on this boat but is not listed at Beaty's roster at

The photo does include some of the individuals listed on the URL above, including the following:

Kerzner, Nick GM 2c
Komsa, Walter GM 2c
Mead, David H. MOMM
Fortier, Joseph cook
McCarthy, Paul QM
Erdman, Robert MOMM 1c
Lewis, Dean J. Lt.
Wharton, Ben M. TM 2c

My question is this - did multiple officers serve on this boat? Was my uncle replaced by or replaced CO "Tex" Lowrey?

Unfortunately my uncle died in 1965 before I was born and so other than this box of photos and letters I have no personal recollections to go on.

I'll scan the photo and add in a subsequent post. Any responses appreciated - thanks! - Rob

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I'd suggest that you contact PT BOATS, INC. Their email address is The could assist you.


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