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 Author  Topic: PT Service Member, Info for a friend.

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A friend of mine was having lunch with his wife's step father a few weeks ago. He was an aviation guy, worked for McDonald Douglas & was heavily involved in building the F-4 Phantom, F-15 Eagle & F-18 Hornet.
Anyway the discussion somehow turned to my interest in PT boats & the search for information on my uncle & Ron 33. My friend's father in-law then said to him, You know my older brother served in the PT service. My friend said at that point he had to pick himself up off the floor, he had no idea. They talked for quite a while about it & he passed on what info he had & what he thought he remembered. I told him I'd throw it out here on the forum & see if any more info surfaced, which he was excited about. He said his brother used to have a stack of pictures & a clock from one of his boats that he kept his entire life. He didn't know anything about the clock whether it was from the cockpit, or possibly interior. On top of that he said although the stuff was around forever, he has no idea what happened to any of it(pics, or clock). He said his brother died sometime in the last 10 years, but that he'd ask the family if any of his brother's PT stuff is still around in someone's possession.
Here's what he knew:
Name: Milton Hamil
Born. St. Louis, MO
What he thought he remembered:
He said he was involved in the D-Day invasion came home on a month's leave, but after a few days was recalled early & sent to the Philippines.
Said he thought one of his boat numbers had a 39 in it.
I was going to do some research with what meager resources I have, but have been way too busy with work.
That said I thought the forum &/or someone with a copy of Knights of the Sea would be a much quicker option.
Thanks again...Again!

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