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 Author  Topic: Ron 15 Action Report #42, Ron 22 AR # 1


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Hi Guys,

This is interesting, as I think one of our board members might have been on this mission (but I could be wrong !).

This was the night of May 23/24, 1944. Seems to have been another joint effort between PT's and our British MTB & MGB friends ( eight of them ) to hunt up the enemy north of Elba, in the Vada Rocks vicinity. The Brits also brought along three LCG's ( Landing Craft Gun ), each with two 4.7 guns and two 40mm guns.

The Northern scouting force was comprised of PTs 202, 213, and 218 of Ron 15; and of PTs 302, 303 and 304 of Ron 22. This force contacted two German Corvettes southbound, NW of Vada Rocks. In the attack, The Ron 15 boats went after the first ship, and Ron 22 the second. Both corvettes were hit by torpedoes. German Corvette 2223 hit by two and sunk. Corvette 2222 hit in the bow by one torpedo.

Eighteen torpedoes were fired in all, twelve MK 13s and six MK 8s ! No battle damage sustained by our forces.

(There is a very dark copy of a diagram of the action in the report. Maybe it will scan, I'm not sure ).

Steve Nugent

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