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 Author  Topic: P.T. Barbers
CJ Willis


Post a Reply To This Topic    Reply With Quotes     Edit Message     View Profile of CJ Willis  Posted on: May 4, 2009 - 2:24pm
My 13 months on 242 in Ron 19 while in the Solomons we didn't have a barber as such. It was hard to find someone to cut hair. There was a guy on the base force ( I believe a Yoeman) who cut our hair. While I was back in the States on R and R at the Fargo Bldg in Boston, I bought scissors, comb and hand clippers and became a Navy barber. On the troop ship on the way to Base 17 Samar, P.I. I cut my first head of hair. Skee Williams TM 3/c, a good buddy of mine, was brave enough for my first customer. He had black hair with a white scalp so every botch showed but I got much better and cut hair the five months I was at Base 17. The going rates for haircuts in the Navy was 25 cents.
What did some of you other guys do for haircuts?

C. J. Willis

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hi CJ this may souind silly or senile but ,for the life of me, i do NOT remember ever having my hair cut while i was overseas.maybe it just stopped growin.???
this is weird as i never even thought of it beforte.ii have racked what brains i have left cannot remember a haircut there.i did grow a beard over there once/maybe all the hair went there.i also do not remember having long hair.DO I HAVE A PROBLEM IN MY CROW,S NEST? WATCH OUT FOR ME UP THERE.I MAY BE COMING SOON!. PLEASE HAVE A BARBER WAITING "SHAVE AND A HAIRCUT PLEASE AND REMOVE THE SIDEBURNS. OH MY

earl richmond

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from new guinea to the philippines, during ten months,
i never had my hair cut. wasn't aware of any barbers.
we were a motley crew...

pt 497

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