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 Author  Topic: Reminder of some Posting Featurres


Post a Reply To This Topic    Reply With Quotes     Edit Message     View Profile of Dick   Send Email To Dick Posted on: Apr 23, 2009 - 3:57pm
A quick note to remind message boards of posting features.

Note #1 Post Editor. Allows message posters to edit, change or correct their Posts. By clicking on this image a small editing window will open. This window will request your Member Name and Password, once verified the window will change to an edit pane showing your message text, links and what ever else was posted. Within this pane you can directly make your changes then save the changes, which will repost the message. Sometimes it will require you to Reload the web page to see the changes in the post.

Note #2 Email Indicator. This image is visible if the member has allowed Email address to be shown. By clicking on this image your Email program will open and be pre-address to the message poster.

Note #3 Member Profile. Click on this button to open your Membership Profile allowing you to make changes to your entire profile. Even allows your to change your member Icon or upload an image for your Icon. However the image you upload must meet the following specs:
Please note that your image has to be in .gif or .jpg format and it has to be 70 pixels wide and 70 pixels in height. The maximum image size is 5 Kilobytes - Note that your image will not be accepted if it does not meet these requirements.

If you have an image for above but do not know how to follow the above spec let me know.

Note #4 In the New or Reply Post Area, you can click on the link identified in the above photo as Note #4. This link will open a page that gives information on adding command codes to your post to create colored type, bold type, links (url) to other websites or web pages and also the basic command (image)for having photos/images upload into your messages.

Note #5 Photo Posting Document. By clicking on the link a word .doc file will download to your computer. It attempts to give basic instructions on how to include images in your message post. However, there are some facts you should use to keep the size of the link file s small as possible avoiding long, long download times.

File Type: Make all files jpg or gif jpg for photographs, images or artwork, and gif for non-photograph images and line art.

Image Resolution: The saved resolution not more then 72 DPI, the internet is optimized at viewing objects at 72 dpi maximum. Any resolution higher is just a waste and makes the posted images large to very large megabytes (file size)

Image Size: Do not use images that are wider then 1024 pixels wide. Any image above that makes it difficult to view in our message board and in all respect unnecessary. Also the larger the image, the larger the file size, resulting in longer download time especially those with Dial-Up modems.

Hummmmmm, This is a really BIG quick note ! ! ! ! ! !

Dick . . .

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Post a Reply To This Topic    Reply With Quotes     Edit Message   Posted on: Apr 24, 2009 - 6:31am
Thanks, Dick.I was not aware of the correction method. This should eliminate second postings just to correct a mistake.

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Thanks Dick.

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