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Its That Definitive Guy-Again

I have some information about MTB photos to pass along. There are dozens of Public Domain sources where are lodged hundreds ,if not thousands, of MTB images. It is not difficult to go through any PT or MTB book and not find many of those same images on file in the; Library of Congress: LOC Print and Photographic Division, U.S. Naval Historical Department, National Achieves, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, and even more when you look.

Wikipedia has hundreds of Public Domain photos in about nay area you can think of. LIFE magazine achieves has a few dozen photos of the Phillipino boats shot during 1941 in Manila. These are Not Public Domain but for personal use you may clip and use them.

All you have to do his double click, hit 'Save As' and drop in your Pictures File or what ever file you have. Images that are above 50kb can be enlarged with any photo program. The best results come from enlarging in increments of 200kb.Save each one and number it-close program and then open the last image saved. It take about five to seven tries to get an image up to 1.5MB. Which prints beautifully.

To date I have downloaded over 3,000 images of; boats,maps,guns,aircraft and people.All Free. More then a few people, who have published PT books, have put a copyright notice on a Public Domain Image. That is a Federal Offense. That is just as much a crime as using an image that is legally copyrighted. So when you find an image in a book and you find the same image online from a Public Domain site- you can use the image for your own purpose including publishing. You just cant copyright it. And you say so.

Back at you later with another few didbits of useful info.

JOe Hinds

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Joe, let me add comments as a digital rngineer and artist. When you download a picture from the internet, it contains a fixed number of pixels which relates to the file size. Your process of letting your computer increase the number of pixels will not add detail. The resolution will not be increased since the computer can only guess what color pixel to add. So if you limit the expansion and are not fussy about fidelity, your scheme may work part time. A fifty KB picture can only be enlarged to aboit 6"x8" and still be within the the minimum pixels/inch usually regarded as the lower limit of acceptability. Even that level is unacceptable to artists or technically critical folks. It depends on other parameters of the published picture, so if you are satisfied with the enlargement you get, go for it. Just remember, there is no way to increase the size without decreasing the fidelity.
On my web site , I publish small versions of my art including PT art, at about one fiftieth of its original pixel size.Enlargement to beyond 6X8" degrades the picture below what I feel is acceptable.

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