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 Author  Topic: Hardtac.K-rations..C-rations
Russell Pullano

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Has anyone posted any comments about the aforementioned. Perhaps some cooks could give us some stories.


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i do not remember having hardtack or c rations.most of what i had was canned, and/ or dehydrated.we had NO fresh food, as such. while on the boat i only remember having (1)one fresh agg and we had to go to base galley to get tjhat and stand in line to have one of the cooks make it the way we wanted it.the onlt other fresh meat we had ONCE was what we got from an australian ship,most of the base force food was also the same except we had a greater variety of it.we also had,on base, more equipment to cook with so could make more of it.we had to ration the sugar on treasury once and could only dole out one reaspoon at a meal. the guy in the chow line had to decide what he wanted it put on or the earlier bases i think we used our metal mess kits. later we used the metal trays.on the bases we stored our canned goods outside the galleys on wooden skids and covered it with tarp.due to the heat we had to constantly check it as it made contents of canned goods swell and burst. the high humidity did not help either.when i was assigned to the boat i did not have too much room to store foods.what b i couldn,t get in shelves i had to store in the officers and galley bilges.i had to constantly check to make sure the bilges were kept dry.i was lucky as mine did not accumulate water.also had to keep watch for roaches and rats.we had de-contamination detaail one time.we threw "bombs" into the the compartments and closed all the hatches for about 20 minutes/we all stood topside with brooms and whatever we could use and opened the hatches.the bugs and rats swarmed out of the harches and we swept,kicked and pushed as maany as we could over the side of the boat.the fish gatherred all aroundd the boat and really had a feast. anybody watching and didn,t know what we were doing must have thought we were a bunch of nuts gone wacky earl

earl richmond

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Earl; Your story described our situation completely. The Navy forgot we needed food, so we improvised, scavanged and begged. Only, we did have a small stock of C and K rations, mostly because patrols could be more than 12 hours long. Also, some PT tenders would not feed us unless we were there at regular chow time. I doubt that rations ever saved our lives, but they were sure appreciated when we needed them.

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