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 Author  Topic: Photos on ebay

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There are a lot of nice photos on ebay right now. I am not associated with the sale but just wanted to comment on them. I noticed that they were being sold in a lot and the seller didn't sell them as a group (reserve not met) for the going price of $200+ now they are being broken up and sold individually. I can see both sides as I can't afford over 200 dollars in photos but can spend 10 or 20 here and there. But I'd much rather have them stay together and the seller sell them to the highest bidder, so they won't be strung all over the place. I seems to me that the seller won't get the $200 selling individually and should have let them go together and dropped his reserve price. What are the thoughts of you ladies and gentlemen? -Bobby

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Selling them as a group would have been nice, but the seller certainly has the right to break them up. In this way, he might make more then the $200.00 or so bid on the item. From my stand-point, I would have liked to have gotten them for the Exhibit, but not at those prices. As they say, there are bigger fish to fry. I am sure all will be bid on and gone.........

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