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 Author  Topic: Pat's PT Ads... going...going...

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Hi all-

Many of you have seen my site, Pat's PT Boat Ads:

with lots of images of WW2 PT-related advertisements.

I'm now thinking of letting go of my collection of original ads... there's about 100 of them (NOT everything which is shown on the site!), all in a big scrapbook.

Value? Individual ads can be found for not much, maybe $10 each on average... but there are not many places that have this many in one place!

Question: I may just go with ebay... but before I do, does anyone have a better idea? Sure, I'd love to be able to just donate them to a worthy cause... but times are tough!

Pat Matthews
Get your boats wet!

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Drew Cook


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Sure wish I could purchase your collection and donate it to the PT Boat Museum! I've enjoyed looking at your great collection -- it obviously took a lot of time and trouble to gather.

I hope your site will remain up, so the ads can be viewed by anyone who wishes to. They're a great piece of PT history...


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