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Hello All,

I need some assistance from you ...

I am trying to track down a gentleman named Joe Hinds. If memory serves; he did contribute to this board, as I believe that is how he first contacted me.

I need to get a hold of him urgently.

Do any of you have contact with him? Do any of you know if he's well, or even still alive? Or, if he's able to communicate?

I've sent him numerous emails regarding what I need to discuss with him and he has not responded to them. My emails aren't returned, so I do know that the email address I had for him is/was valid, but I lost it.

I sent him a letter and have gotten no response. Like, I have said, it is imperative that I reach him.

If any of you know him, or know of him. Please contact me at my email address as soon as you can? Please?

This is no laughing matter. Thank you.


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